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Welcome to Mindful Professionals Network

Professionals committed to applying mindful practices and approaches.

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About MPN

Presented by Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc., the Mindful Professionals Network is a worldwide community of professionals that have come together to share information, experiences, and ideas related to living and working mindfully.

The Mindful Professionals Network offers weekly mindfulness practices, quarterly networking events, occasional community workshops from our members, drop-in opportunities to connect and co-work, in-person meetups in member-dense regions, and monthly themes and weekly challenges to help drive asynchronous dialogues.

Why Join?

If you are passionate about living and working in a way that is mindful and nurturing on all levels, then the Mindful Professionals Network was designed with you in mind. Do work that you love and help to make the world a better place... these are a couple of the pillars that are foundational to MPN's objectives.

The network was created to help us all continue to grow as people and as professionals. Having a community that is mindful, supportive, diverse, friendly, and reliably connected is essential to our growth as individuals... the people we surround ourselves with is everything!

Interview with MPN founder Jonathan Reynolds


  • We're a community of accountability, professional support, and new perspectives.
  • We're a community of mindful connections and an ongoing learning network.
  • Get access to all of our events and talks included in your membership.
  • In-person Mindful Professionals Meetups in our member-dense regions.
  • We have specialty 'Hubs' for individuals sharing similar professional challenges.
  • We host regular showcasing skill-share workshops led by community members.
  • Opportunities to create partnerships with other mindful professionals.
  • Integrate mindful approaches into your leadership and teamwork styles.
  • Attend ongoing practice groups designed for mindful professionals.
  • Weekly mindfulness practice, social, and co-working drop-in spaces.
  • Weekly challenges designed to help members integrate and grow learnings.
  • Monthly themes support network members in focused development.
  • Be eligible for members-only discounts on future courses and trainings.
  • Share your knowledge and services with like-minded potential buyers.
  • Integrate self-awareness practices into all areas of your life and work.
  • Access to themed conversation spaces to have targeted discussions.
  • Developing mindful awareness will result in more personal resilience and ease.
  • Design your own unique profile and brand for interacting with other members.
  • Have complete control over your membership account and cancel anytime.
  • Beginners to mindfulness and mindful applications are welcome.
  • We are all beginners!

A Big Thank You!

A special thank you to all people and professionals that value, and are curious about, the role mindful self-awareness plays in helping to create a more peaceful and productive human experience.

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