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Mindful Professionals Network
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Leading cultural change via mindful learning, living and working.

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About MPN

Presented by Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc., the Mindful Professionals Network is a worldwide community that has come together to share information, experiences, and ideas related to living and working mindfully.

The Mindful Professionals Network offers in-person social meetups, online mindfulness groups, member-led classes, special presentations, summits and conferences, and mindful networking. All beginners to mindfulness and mindful approaches are welcome to join.

Why Join?

If you are passionate about living and working in a way that is mindful and nurturing on all levels, then the Mindful Professionals Network was designed with you in mind. Do meaningful work that you love and help to make the world a better place... these are a couple of the pillars that are foundational to MPN's objectives.

The network was created to help all of us continue to grow as people and as professionals. Having a community that is mindful, supportive, diverse, friendly, and reliably connected is essential to our growth as individuals... the people with whom we surround ourselves is everything!

Interview with MPN founder Jonathan Reynolds


  • Weekly Mindfulness Practice & Discussion Groups
  • Monthly Classes offered by select network members
  • Monthly In-Person Socials: Mindful Professionals Meetups
  • Complimentary Attendance to Annual¬†Mindful Work Summit
  • List Your Services in our Network Members Referral Directory
  • On-Demand Mindful Pause¬†Mini-Mindfulness Recordings
  • Member Presentations, Talks, Author Events, and Workshops
  • Access to our Member Presentations Archive
  • Grow Relationships with a like-minded worldwide community
  • Integrate mindful approaches into your life and work
  • Beginners to mindfulness and mindful applications welcome to join

A Big Thank You!

A special thank you to all people and professionals that value, and are curious about, the role mindful self-awareness plays in helping to create a more peaceful and productive human experience for all of us.

All of our plans below include the same benefits!